Achieve operational goals

through data-driven action

We offer software, consulting, and training to help companies define, verify, and validate their critical requirements, improve their CAPA procedure, and implement process validation with real time reporting.


  • Medical
  • PCBA
  • Electronics


  • Data collection systems
  • CAPA & process validation
  • Reporting & monitoring


  • Supplier collaboration
  • High quality products
  • Enhanced profitability

What is Smart Manufacturing?

Smart Manufacturing is the practice of using digital tools to transform the manufacturing process to be more innovative, safe, responsive to customers, efficient, and ultimately, more profitable. Today, companies leverage smart manufacturing to improve FDA compliance, automate manual tasks, and improve supply chain communication as they become leaders in product quality and customer satisfaction.

Where should I start?

Improving the CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) and reporting process is one of the best places to start due to it's immediate impact on organizational decision making and its strong return on investment. Our practice was born in the global manufacturing of medical devices for large companies, but the recent maturity of software tools and strategies means distributed solutions are more effective and affordable than ever before.

Am I a good fit?

You should have some need relating to CAPA, process validation, supplier collaboration, or reporting, and should see data as a valuable tool to achieve this need. You should be manufacturing in the electronics field, and serializing your products. You understand that we are consultants, not long term hires, and that it’s our goal to solve problems, train your team, and equip you with tools for long term success.

How we'll help you


Establishing management objectives and requirements that focus on delivering return on investment.


Installing a data collection system on your supply chain, and configuring to send secure data to the cloud.


Equip your reports specialists with the tools to build reports faster, better, and more flexibly than before.


Use Analytics to drive data-first conversations that achieve business and engineering goals for long term success.

Software Tools

We are unique from other consultants because we'll install Doodlebase, a data collection platform we've built for real time feedback. Doodlebase aggregates your supplier data in the cloud, then gives your team tools to access that data quickly and flexibly, without required knowledge of a datbase langauge. With Doodlebase, you can connect directly to your database inside Excel or Power BI, choose the data you want, and view or build reports that automatically update any time they are opened.

Doodlebase is a fourth-generation platform nearly 20 years in the making, and has already impacted the medical, electronics, and PCBA industries today.

Reporting Demo

Explore an interactive reporting demo highlighting how a global manufacturer uses Doodlebase to improve the quality and profitability of it’s manufacturing process.

Product Overview

Understand how Doodlebase improves the manufacturing process by examining the benefits, features, and tools provided by the Doodlebase platform.

Technology Guide

Dive deep into the Doodlebase platform by understanding how Doodlebase’s tools work to connect, collect, and analyze, and share your manufacturing data.

About Us

Steve Hugh || Founder and Architect

With 30 years of manufacturing experience and seven patents in his name, Steve is a solutions-first engineer who understands the data-collection needs of today's global electronics manufacturing industry. He’s experienced firsthand the power and frustration with achieving good manufacturing data and analysis in the industrial, IT, and medical industries. With this experience, Steve saw an opportunity to build a distributed data-collection solution for the globally-focused electronics manufacturer.

Tyler Brown || Data Analysis and Integration

A film production major and founder of three startup companies, Tyler utilizes his storytelling, business and design expertise to create reports that tell stories about a process. When he's not involved in a passionate conversation about the future of manufacturing, Tyler spends his time working with our tools and reports to generate insights and improvements that further expand the capability of our system.

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